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Let There be Light! 9 Products that can Help you with Hands-On-Learning in Term 3

Let There be Light! 9 Products that can Help you with Hands-On-Learning in Term 3


Do not let the winter chills and the lack of electricity get you down. Lasec® Education's apparatus and equipment can allow teaching and learning to continue.



 Natural Sciences Gr 4 – 9


This term Grade 4 – 7 learners focus on energy and energy transfer, energy and electricity, electric circuits, and sources of energy. How appropriate to learn about the concept of electrons, electrodynamics/energy transfers, current electricity, light, and how they are individually generated. Load shedding will be a hot topic for class discussion and the implications of load shedding on energy, electricity, light, and its effect on our appliances.

Teachers can make use of our Circuit Board Kit to illustrate the above-mentioned concepts and the learners can get involved with our Mini Electricity Kit. In addition, investigating energy transfer can be taught using the Electrodynamics Apparatus to understand mechanical, thermal, electrical systems and even biological systems.


 Circuit Board Kit with Ammeter and Voltmeter  Mini Electricity Kit  Electrodynamics Apparatus

Grade 8 – 9 learners learn about static electricity, energy transfer in electrical systems, electrostatic forces, electric cells, resistance, series & parallel circuits, and visible light. Learners will be learning about the concept of electrostatics and the movement of electrons which is so nicely observed using Lasec® Education's Electrostatics Kit. Once the learners understand the electron then current, resistance, parallel, and series circuits can be explored with the Circuit Board Kit. Visible light is easily demonstrated through our Light Kit and its many components. 


 Electrostatics Kit  Light Kit  




This term Grade 11 and 12 learners focus on electricity. There is no better way to understand electricity and its production than to be exploring the topic through hands-on experiments. Again, the concept of, and need for load shedding can be nicely introduced. Grade 11 learners investigate ohm's law and what factors affect the law from being obeyed.  The Grade 12 learners determine the internal resistance of a battery and the equivalent resistance through series-parallel resistance. The Electricity and Electromagnetism Kit is perfect for teaching these concepts.

Grade 10 learners will make use of the Dynamics Kit to understand the concepts of acceleration, inclination, ticker tapes, ticker timers and displacement, velocity, acceleration, and time graphs.


Electricity and Electromagnetism Kit    


Do not fear, Lasec® Education's Dynamics Kit is totally independent and runs on a 9V battery. WATCH the video below for a sneak peek of the kit's capabilities:




Light is explored in a different way in Life Science during Term 3.


Microscope Image   Microscope Image


We use a Compound Microscope to shine light through sections of a mammal's heart and kidney. Lasec® Education's microscope is powered by both battery and electricity allowing classroom activities to continue even in the event of load shedding. We offer prepared microscope slides which include the section of skin slide allowing learners to observe homeostasis through a section of skin. Lasec® Education's Dissecting Kit and prepared slides are most valuable to your life science practicals


 Compound Microscope   Dissecting Kit




Grades 5, 6, 7 and 9 cover the concepts of energy & electricity, electric circuits, magnetism & simple electric circuits and electronic systems & control respectively. The Mini Electricity Kit with additional items such as buzzers, paper fasteners, iron nails, alnico magnets, horseshoe magnets, panel type voltmeter and ammeters and a whole lot more would fit perfectly into the teaching and learning of these topics. Pop us a mail to find out more.

Mini Electricity Kit

In addition, Grades 5, 7 and 8 would make use of all structural items such as wooden dowels, rigid rods, pulleys, gears, specialized gears, nuts & bolts, link strips, and gussets. These awesome items will allow a hands-on approach to teach and learn about systems for moving things; structures and electricity/cranks and pulleys; a structure with a mechanism for lifting a load.


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