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Natural Sciences combines aspects of Physical Science and Life Science but focuses the content to be understandable by younger learners. Our pre-prepared kit for Natural Sciences is designed for a hands-on learning environment both for individual and group work. Let learners explore life and living, aspects making up matter and materials around us, energy and change and about planet earth and beyond with all the exciting Natural Sciences equipment we have on offer.

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  1. Low Form Beaker
    As low as ZAR17.46
  2. Short Stem Filter Funnel
    As low as ZAR36.41
  3. Gas Collecting Jar
    As low as ZAR79.63
  4. Rimless Test Tube
    As low as ZAR2.35
    Out of stock
  5. Reagent Bottles
    As low as ZAR50.47
  6. A Grade Bar Magnet
    As low as ZAR98.10
  7. Light Gates
  8. Tall Form Beaker
    As low as ZAR23.20
  9. Red Spirit Thermometer
    As low as ZAR41.87
  10. Multi Strand Panel Wire
    As low as ZAR7.14
  11. Voltmeter Panel Price to Clear
    Voltmeter Panel
  12. Electronic Blocks Kit Price to Clear
    Electronic Blocks Kit
  13. Dialysis Tubing Price to Clear
    Dialysis Tubing
  14. Delivery Tube
    As low as ZAR1.24
  15. Stoppered Measuring Cylinders Price to Clear
    Stoppered Measuring Cylinders
  16. Orienteering Compass Price to Clear
    Orienteering Compass
  17. Syringe Pack
    As low as ZAR109.71
  18. Retort Stand and Rod Price to Clear
    Retort Stand and Rod
  19. Retort Ring Price to Clear
    Retort Ring
  20. Glass Dropping Bottle with Teat Price to Clear
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Items 1-48 of 236

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Set Descending Direction