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The more hands-on inquiry activities done in class, the more the learners become active. Our Life Skills kit and individual items caters for the foundation phase. The items provide a great opportunity to ask questions, hypothesize and for learns to understand important concepts, even at a very young age. Bring the scientific nature of life skills to life in the classroom, which covers the beginning knowledge concepts for Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology once they reach the higher grades.

  1. Electronic Blocks Kit
    Electronic Blocks Kit
  2. Syringe Pack
    Syringe Pack
    As low as ZAR109.71
  3. Mechanical Kitchen Scale
    Mechanical Kitchen Scale
    As low as ZAR145.48
  4. Handheld Magnifier
    Handheld Magnifier
    As low as ZAR15.36
  5. Blackboard and Easel
    Blackboard and Easel