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Choose from our wide range of laboratory apparatus for the Natural Science, Physical Science and Life Science learning areas. We supply good quality, locally made and imported apparatus for a range of Science experiments. Investigate the uptake of water through a cut shoot with a Potometer. Detect an electric charge with an electroscope, measure the heat of a chemical reaction with our thermometer or determine the weight of a small object with a spring balance. Measure voltage with the digital multimeter, add moving parts to a model using a motor or demonstrate static electricity with the Van de Graaff generator. Our excellent school science supplies and lab apparatus will turn your laboratory into an exciting place of discovery.
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  1. Light Gates
  2. Water Bath
    Out of stock
  3. Voltmeter Panel Price to Clear
    Voltmeter Panel
  4. Orienteering Compass Price to Clear
    Orienteering Compass
  5. Rheostat
    As low as ZAR620.37
  6. 1-12V Power Supply Price to Clear
    1-12V Power Supply
  7. Calorimeter
    As low as ZAR10.10
  8. Potometer
  9. Stopwatch
    Out of stock
  10. Manometer
  11. Spring Balance
    As low as ZAR23.47
  12. Ticker Timer DC
    Out of stock
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