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The microscope is primarily used in the Life Science learning area to study specimens mounted on slides or to closely investigate items in a petri dish. Microscopes are fun for younger kids and can be introduced as part of the Natural Science syllabus. You’ll encourage a love of discovery for the unseen world. Microscopes are also an excellent learning tool for kids who are home-schooled. Browse the range to discover details about the different types of microscopes available. To enhance Microscope work, Lasec® Education offers a microscope kit that comes with prepared slides and unprepared slides, dyes and relevant equipment to allow the teacher and learners to prepare their own slides. Additional apparatus is available such as a microscope eyepiece camera with software, a stage micrometer and an eyepiece with a reticule. If you only have one of our microscopes, no problem! Attach the camera to the computer and projector and the whole class can see the image.
  1. Stereo Microscope
    Stereo Microscope
    Out of stock
  2. Plain, Ground Edge Microscope Slides
    Plain, Ground Edge Microscope Slides
    As low as ZAR21.68
  3. Frosted, Ground Edge Microscope Slides
    Frosted, Ground Edge Microscope Slides
    As low as ZAR21.42
  4. Microscope Kit - APPARATUS ONLY
    Microscope Kit - APPARATUS ONLY
    As low as ZAR1,394.12
    Out of stock
  5. Microscope Coverslip Pack
    Microscope Coverslip Pack
    As low as ZAR35.22