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Tick off all the equipment items you need for your lab with our wide range of scientific equipment. We also supply equipment needed for the Technology, Life Skills and Mathematics classroom.
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  1. A Grade Bar Magnet
    As low as ZAR98.10
  2. Red Spirit Thermometer
    As low as ZAR41.87
  3. Multi Strand Panel Wire
    As low as ZAR7.14
  4. Voltmeter Panel Price to Clear
    Voltmeter Panel
  5. PVC Tubing
    As low as ZAR33.30
  6. Dialysis Tubing Price to Clear
    Dialysis Tubing
  7. Delivery Tube
    As low as ZAR1.24
  8. Syringe Pack
    As low as ZAR109.71
  9. Retort Stand and Rod Price to Clear
    Retort Stand and Rod
  10. Retort Ring Price to Clear
    Retort Ring
  11. Screw Bulbs
    As low as ZAR3.57
  12. Sharp Tip Scissors
    As low as ZAR38.64
  13. Rheostat
    As low as ZAR297.10
  14. 1-12V Power Supply Price to Clear
    1-12V Power Supply
  15. Banana Plug
    As low as ZAR1.29
  16. Filter Paper
    As low as ZAR89.07
  17. Motor
    As low as ZAR20.70
  18. Cylindrical Magnet
    As low as ZAR152.74
  19. Bar Magnet
    As low as ZAR154.91
  20. Horseshoe Magnet
    As low as ZAR31.08
  21. Tuning Fork
    As low as ZAR26.63
  22. Plastic Petri Dish
    As low as ZAR2.74
  23. Burette Bristle Brush
    As low as ZAR36.05
  24. Evaporating Basin
    As low as ZAR32.81
  25. Nylon Test Tube Brush
    As low as ZAR9.59
  26. Sharp Tip Forcep
    As low as ZAR29.44
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Items 1-48 of 143

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