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AppMechanic (Excl. Batteries)

Download the AppMechanic App from the Google Play Store on your Android Device.

Compatible with Android and Windows-based devices

Battery and USB compatible

Offline-based robotics education

No internet is required once App installed

Appshed technology built into the App - licence included

Multifunctional accessories included

Curriculum aligned

Create your own projects

Download the AppMechanic from Google Play StoreCLICK HERE to Download the Appmechanic on Appshed

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The evolution of the internet of things (IoT) is transforming the way learners are educated. IoT in education has an influence on schools, teachers, and learners by providing cutting-edge solutions for an interactive, and motivating learning environment. IoT-enabled educational solutions, like the cost-effective Lasec® Education AppMechanic Kit, help learners learn about robotics and coding and engage them in practical STEM applications, enabling the education sector to change for the better.

Once you have purchased the Lasec® Education AppMechanic Kit, you can activate it by downloading the AppMechanic App from the Google Play Store on your Android Device (IOS coming soon). Once the app is installed, there is no need for internet access. The Appshed technology that powers the AppMechanic Kit is designed for use in offline robotics education and is both battery and USB compatible. Multifunctional accessories include a buzzer, LED’s, and pulley's. The kit is curriculum-aligned for the following learning streams: structures, mechanical and electrical systems and control & coding.

You can also create your own projects! The possibilities are endless with the Lasec® Education AppMechanic Kit!




Download the AppMechanic from Google Play StoreDownload the AppMechanic from Appshed

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