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Weather Station

  • Perfect for individual or classroom use
  • Primary and secondary school
  • Comes with Instruction Manual
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The Weather Station is an economical unit for educational use in primary and secondary schools, as well as for home schooling. The kit contains a Stevenson screen, anemometer, rain gauge, min/max thermometer, wet/dry hygrometer, wind vane with cock, pocket compass and an instruction manual. This unit is perfect for individual or group use and allows for all learners to explore the common weather phenomena in a fun and interactive way.

The weather station contains the following items:

  • White Screen Stevenson
  • Anemometer
  • Rain Gauge
  • Min / Max Thermometer
  • Wet / Dry Hygrometer
  • Wind Vane with Cock
  • Pocket compass
  • Screwdriver
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