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Triple Beam Balance

Timeless mechanical balance

Popular for field and lab applications

Applications: Weighing

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In stock
Triple Beam Balance
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The Triple Beam Balance is an instrument used to measure mass and is a fantastic piece of equipment for teaching mass measurement concepts. The name refers to its three beams, which consists of different masses. It also consists of a mass indicator, which through the alignment with a fixed mark on the unit, allows calibration of the balance by turning the set screw found under the pan. The weights slide along the beams and are moved until the mass indicator lines up with the fixed mark giving an accurate mass for the object that is placed on the pan.

TARING: This means weighing an empty container so that its weight can be deducted from the total weight when the sample you want to weigh is on the pan. Some balances, allow you to "zero" the balance with the empty weighing container on them.


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