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  1. Short Stem Filter Funnel
    Short Stem Filter Funnel
    As low as ZAR33.99
  2. A Grade Measuring Cylinder
    A Grade Measuring Cylinder
    As low as ZAR51.74
  3. Dialysis Tubing
    Dialysis Tubing
  4. Capillary Tube
    Capillary Tube
  5. Screw Bulbs
    Screw Bulbs
    As low as ZAR6.06
  6. Mechanical Kitchen Scale
    Mechanical Kitchen Scale
    As low as ZAR145.48
  7. 1-12V Power Supply
    1-12V Power Supply
  8. Banana Plug
    Banana Plug
    As low as ZAR1.29
  9. Frosted, Ground Edge Microscope Slides
    Frosted, Ground Edge Microscope Slides
    As low as ZAR23.01
  10. Individual Technology Toolkit
    Individual Technology Toolkit
  11. Long Stem Filter Funnel
    Long Stem Filter Funnel
    As low as ZAR25.83
  12. Plastic Petri Dish
    Plastic Petri Dish
    As low as ZAR2.74
  13. B Grade Measuring Cylinder
    B Grade Measuring Cylinder
    As low as ZAR29.99
  14. Hoffman Screw Clip
    Hoffman Screw Clip
  15. Burette Bristle Brush
    Burette Bristle Brush
    As low as ZAR32.10
  16. Black Crocodile Clip Lead
    Black Crocodile Clip Lead
    As low as ZAR7.64
  17. Safety Goggles
    Safety Goggles
  18. 6 Groove Spotting Tile
    6 Groove Spotting Tile
  19. Angle Bracket Pack
    Angle Bracket Pack
  20. Lab Coat
    Lab Coat
    As low as ZAR368.87
  21. Burette with Plastic Stopcock
    Burette with Plastic Stopcock
    As low as ZAR190.72
  22. Polypropylene Measuring Cylinder
    Polypropylene Measuring Cylinder
    As low as ZAR16.30
  23. Aluminium Bosshead
    Aluminium Bosshead
  24. 3 Prong Retort Clamp
    3 Prong Retort Clamp