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Grade 10-12 Mathematics Kit


Curriculum aligned kit for Grade 10-12 Mathematics

Includes a teacher’s guide with suggested activities

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The Grade 10-12 Mathematics Kit is perfect for group work and demonstrations. It is compatible with the CAPS curriculum. Use the teacher's guide supplied to maximize each lesson's impact.


Contents of the kit include:

Algebra Tiles, Magnetic CAST diagram set with degree cards, Magnetic Operations (8cm x 8cm), Magnetic Geometry Letters (5cm x 5cm), Magnetic Trigonometry Set 76 piece, Trigonometry Board, Scientific Calculator - Casio, String, Playing Cards, 180-degree Protractor, Making sense of Geometry, construction kit., Geo-Board – Double sided with Elastic Bands, Clinometer - Plastic, Magnetic Cartesian Plane with Letter Labels and colour Dots (2cm Diam), Black Dots (2cm Diam), Cuisenaire Colour Rods, Magnetic Pythagoras, 3D Geometry with Nets- St8, 2D Geometric Shapes, Isometric Board, Mathematics Geostix 82 Piece, Grouping Circles Set of 3, Magnetic Number Pattern Set - Circles, Magnetic Number Pattern - Set Triangles, Tape measure, Binostat, Manual Mathematics Gr 10, Manual Mathematics Gr 11, Manual Mathematics Gr 12, Manual Mathematics Teachers Guide Memo, Checklist: Maths Kit - Gr 10-12 Caps, Whiteboard Chalkboard Apparatus (Separate Box) Consists of: 1 X Protractor 180 Degrees, 1 X Set Square 30 / 60 Degrees, 1 X Set Square 45 Degrees, 1 X Set Square 45 Degrees, 1 X Compass / Divider, 1 X Ruler 1 Metre


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