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Three Recommended Lasec® Education Kits for Grades R-7

Three Recommended Lasec® Education Kits for Grades R-7


In the Primary School Space, Lasec® Education can offer the following kits that allows group work and are all supplied with booklets that guide the teacher on how to use the equipment in lessons to teach the curriculum:

Grade R-3 Mathematics

Learners in Grade R-3 rely on play and hands on equipment to cement new knowledge and develop conceptual understanding. There is no better way to teach primary school Maths than with the use of this colourful kit.

Grade 4-7 Mathematics

This Maths kit assists in teaching all the relevant knowledge strands of Numbers, Operations and Relationships; Patterns, Functions and Algebra; Space and Shape (Geometry); Measurement; and Data Handling. The kit makes Maths fun to teach and learn, which eliminates the perception of how Maths is ''boring'' and ''difficult''.

Grade 4-7 Natural Science and Technology

Life and Living is the knowledge strand that Term 1 focuses on which this kit is fully equipped to assist with. Mini-Practical Assessment Task's are made easy with the supply of equipment that this kit offers. This kit helps teachers to expand minds and to get learners to think out the box through self-exploration no matter the Term or knowledge strand – it is all there to make teaching and learning easy.


Good luck to all of our teachers, in this new decade of teaching our future generation! Remember, we, at Lasec® Education, are here to support you with all of your classroom needs. Just send us an email at and we will assist you! You can also follow us on social media for more tips and tricks to be posted throughout the term. If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with a friend!!