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How to get the Most from the Learner Chemistry Kit

How to get the Most from the Learner Chemistry Kit


What makes the Learner Chemistry Kit a Great Tool?

It’s surprising how many experiments you can do with the Learner chemistry kit. From testing for starch in a leaf, to collecting gases or evaporating a liquid, the kit is incredibly versatile and its design perfectly anticipates the needs of the Grade 4-12 Science teacher. The equipment packs away neatly into a plastic tray, so that you’re ready to get started for your next class. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to hunt around for missing equipment in the middle of a lesson.


Watch the video to see how the kit works. You can also see John in action demonstrating a fantastic neutralisation reaction lesson, using this kit.



What’s Included in the Kit?

Small glass beaker Spirit lamp
Delivery tube with elbow 3 stoppers
Plastic funnel Stirring rod
Filter paper Test tube brush
Heating platform Test tube rack
10 ml measuring cylinder 4 test tubes, 16 mm
3 mini pipettes Thermometer
Plastic trough Watch glass
Terry clip test tube holder support Wire gauze
Terry clip on dowel handle Wooden peg
Plastic spoon Pair of gloves


How to Use the Kit like a Pro 

To get the most out of the kit you will need to use it often. Learn how it packs away and keep the equipment clean and well-stocked. The whole idea with this kit is that the learners do the activities themselves - even if there are a few breakages and spills along the way. Learning by doing is the best way for your class to gain enthusiasm for a subject like Science, which is very practical.


Useful Substitutions for Chemicals

There are a number of kitchen substances that can be used instead of commercially available chemicals. For acids, use vinegar or lemon juice. Bicarbonate of soda and some soaps make a great base alternative. Home-made vegetable dyes are excellent indicators and you can use sugars or salts to create crystals. Potatoes work well for experiments needing starch – the list goes on.


To purchase a Learner Chemistry Kit for your classroom head on over HERE.