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How to Create a Simple Circuit with Ammeter and Voltmeter

How to Create a Simple Circuit with Ammeter and Voltmeter


Introduce learners to basic circuits with this user-friendly, hands-on kit. In this video, John demonstrates how to create a simple series and parallel circuit using the Lasec® Education circuit board kit. Learn how to measure current using an ammeter and how to set up a voltmeter to measure the electrical potential difference over a component of the circuit.



What’s included in the Circuit Board Kit?


Circuit board Cell pin
10 Ohm resistor Cell divider
15 Ohm resistor Rheostat mounted
22 Ohm resistor Copper 0.4 resistance board
Switch Nichrome 0.2 resistance board
5 connectors Nichrome 0.4 resistance board
3 black Leads with crocodile clips (350mm) Eureka 0.2 resistance board
3 red Leads with crocodile clips (350mm) Ammeter single scale, mounted 
3 globe holders and globes (3.8V globes) Voltmeter single scale, mounted
Battery tray Manual


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