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A Look Inside the Grade 8 and 9 Technology Kit

A Look Inside the Grade 8 and 9 Technology Kit


Take a look inside the Grade 8 & 9 Technology kit with John. From plastic rods and base plates to gears, motors and electronics, this kit has all the items you need to build amazing structures like bridges and model cars with your technology class. 


Watch the video to see how the kit works:



What’s included in the kit?

Rubber bands, pack 100 Ball of string
2 x straws, pack 100 2 x skewers, pack 100
Paper fasteners, pack 100 Paper clips, pack 100
Nuts and bolts (16mm), pack 100 Nuts and bolts (25mm), pack 100
2 x clear glue tubes 10 x copper strips
20 x nail (100mm) 10 x zinc strip
Iron filings, 100g Cams pack
2 x gear pack Specialised gear pack
2 x pulley pack Plate pack
Angle bracket pack (300mm) 10 x plastic chassis, for model cars
2 x rolls of masking tape 4 x rolls sellotape
10 x syringe (10ml) 10 x syringe (2.5ml)
Syringe adapters (10ml), pack 10 Syringe adapters (25ml), pack 10
10 x MT plastic tubing (4mm) 10 x T pieces
One way valve 10 x shut-off T valve
10 x motor 3V with leads Motor clip, pack 10
Reducer to fit motor, pack 12 10 x battery holder, 2 cell
20 x penlight batteries 10 x lamp holders
10 x lamps (2.5V) 10 x MT wire single strand (red)
10 x MT wire single strand (black) 10 x Buzzer
4 x connector block 10 x connector board, simple
60 x springs 10 x LED (Red)
10 x LED (Green) 10 x resistors (0,25W 470ohm)
10 x resistors (0,25W 10kohm) 10 x resistors (0,25W 2.2kohm)
10 x thermistor (3V3 NTC 1.5A 15ohm) 10 x light dependent resistor (4 x 5, 20K)
10 x transistors 10 x variable resistor (10K)
10 x screwdriver for variable resistor Reed switch
1 x small disc Ferrite magnet 10 x diode
10 x resistor (15ohm) 10 x capacitor (1000uF)
Switch, SPST Switch, SPDT
Switch - toggle mini DPDT on-on Solar panel
Ammeter, single scale Voltmeter, single scale
40 x rubberised wheels (52mm) Strip & gusset, pack 10
Rigid rods (4x450mm, pack 50) Wood dowels (4x450mm, pack 50)
Wood strip (450x10x10mm, pack 50) 1 x glue, wood & paper (500g)
20 x plastic sheet (A4, 1mm PVC) 10 x wedge 16mm timber (30x70 at an angle)
Recycled plastic pellets (200g) Copper sulphate (500g)
1 x Teacher's Guide 1 x Learner's book with worksheets


To purchase a Grade 8 & 9 Technology kit for your classroom head on over hereAlternatively, shop selected individual components by clicking the links in the above table.