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Grade 8-9 Natural Science Kit - CHEMICALS ONLY

The complete kit consists of two parts: Apparatus (SHOP HERE) and Chemicals

Apparatus and Chemicals are priced separately. Please ADD BOTH items to your cart in order to receive the full kit.

Chemicals needed to investigate key themes within the CAPS Natural Science curriculum.

Includes chemical safety data manual

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The Grade 8-9 Natural Science Chemicals Kit is a best-selling CAPS compliant kit. It is designed for the hands-on learning environment and is structured to work best with up to 10 groups. The kit contains the basic chemicals needed to investigate key themes within the CAPS Natural Science curriculum.


Chemicals included: Hydrochloric Acid Diluted 2.82m 3.72%, Charcoal Lumps, Calcium Carbonate Chips, Calcium Hydroxide (Lime), Sodium Carbonate, Starch Powder, Sulphur Powder, Zinc Sulphate, Potassium Permanganate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hydroxide Flakes, Tartaric Acid, Copper (II) Chloride, Lead Monoxide (Lead II Oxide), Ethanol 95%, Bromothymol Blue, Universal Indicator Solution, Phenolphthalein Solution, Iodine Pure Solution, Copper Sulphate (Cupric Sulphate), Iron Filings, Methylated Spirits Blue, Sulphuric Acid Diluted 2m 10.9%, 




Red Flammable
Green Non-hazardous
Yellow Oxidising
White Corrosive i.e. Acids
Blue Toxic
Black Gives off irritating or colouring fumes



  • Store chemicals in alphabetical order separating solids and liquids.
  • Important information can be seen on the label of the bottle and the plastic outer container.
  • The information label on the bottle and plastic outer container correspond. Ensure the correct bottle is placed inside the correct plastic outer container after use.
  • On all liquid bottles, a transparent/white plastic cap is used to prevent leakage during transportation. This can be removed before use and left off once the chemical has reached its location.



The local municipality can be contacted in order to assist with the disposal of unknown/ old chemicals. Alternatively, contact your Lasec® Education representative who will assist you with further information.


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